Tuesday, 12 February 2013

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DLK Hotel Management ERP

An easy to operate user Friendly, economically priced software that committed to meet all the requirements to manage small , medium and big scale hotels. Hotel Management system is one of the leading software for complete management of your hotel; it can manage the reception, inventory and account excellently. The hotel management software provides all kinds of keeping feature required in a hotel like day books, daily business book, preparation of OFI and many more automatically.

Key features:

Multi branch /Multi location access by single window.
Complete and automatic operating of reception.
Store management.
Restaurant management.
Preparing KOT’s reports.
Complete history of visitors at your hotel.
Preparation of visitor’s bill.
Up to date account manager with all accounting needs.
Maintaining the inventory section of your hotel.
Built in backup and restore facilities
LAN capability.
Compatible with any windows -9x higher
Hotel master

The hotel management software provides you all kinds of master that are in customizing mode so that you can add the things as per requirement like-
You can decide master for your hotel. The software gives masters for details of types of rooms, types of your hotel.
The software holds the details of your hotel employees.
The soft ware draws occupancy chart automatically for your hotel.

Multi level control Multi level / branch control

You can see all branch report in single window
You can add new branch, user full control panel
Security Detail:

Password facility to ensure validity of user
Intelligent validation for each entry.
User defined data access.
Data secrecy.

Amore advance reception for all required operation to be done automatically.
Preparing OFI
Check IN OUT for the visitors.
Cash receipt management.
Credit card management.
Preparing the laundry bill
Making the room folio
Setting the automatic alarm of particular room
Complete and errorless reservation system

Online mode
Web Application covers
Customer request.
Customer information
Products offered by hotel Crystal residency
Payment thro payment gateway
Conformation of Reservation thro Email & SMS
Reservation created as sales order with Customer info, No of Days ,Various products
Reservation will be created invoice when payment, done in online
E-voucher will be sent along with conformation mail
Offer packages &Schemes on reservation
Offline mode

Reservation onscreen as sales order with check in & check out date
Products offered by hotel Crystal Residency
Customer information
Sales order _sales invoice based on no of days
Payment mode as credit/debit card /cash/cheque/transfer
Capturing Broker /Agent information for calculating ,commission charges
Offer packages & schemes on reservation
Administrative Activities:

The hotel management Software can handle administrative activities like
Advance and settlement
Room status
Credit return
Log detail.

Eases restaurant management and attracts customers
Colorful  Menu card displayed with attracting pictures of the dishes
Enables to streamline service to customer
First Ordered-First Served
Reduces lead time, dependence on manpower, operational cost, Human error
Android Tablet PC on tables for customers to select dishes and order
Flexible integration with any ERP – Viz. SAP Business Suite, Microsoft, Oracle, & Other Applications
Capturing of customer Suggestions & Complaints
Prepare the Complete KOT Report and NCKOT Report
Hotel Reports:

 All kinds of hotel reports can be generated in seconds and you can view and print them easily.
Day books
Daily business report.
Occupancy at given time.
Local call report.
STD calls report.
Laundry report.
Cash report.
OFI report.
Food cost report.
Guest history.
Staying guest credit report.
Credit card report.
          The reports can be printed on any printer like Dot matrix, inkjet And Laser etc.

Account Master Head:          
           The hotel management software includes all principal heads of commercial field we can also Customize the heads per requirement.

    Unlimited accounts may be though various heads.
    All necessary information of particular account is also kept.

Accounting Reports
      The hotel management software provide facility to view and print

Ledger list.
Ledger books with daily /summary options.
Trial balance with closing balance and detailed option.
Balance sheets, quick view of current assets and liblities.
Reports of every head can also be generate on the closing and detailed based
Direct posting to tally
Collection report Expert excel, Word option
Expert excel, Word option
Sales report
Turn over expert
Inventory Master

Hotel management software also provide facility to maintain complete inventory like
Sale/purchase data entry
Sale / purchase return

Purchase order with Various defined Approval Process & Alerts
Receipt of items –to any warehouse-Alerts
Purchase Return
Inventory Transfers
Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)- based on fore casting
Minimum stock alert for items
Email integration
Good receipt note,
Sales return
stock maintains
All kinds of inventory reports can be generated within seconds and printed by our software.

Bonus tools:

                Hotel management software provides useful tools like Appointments list to inform you about your appointments.
Address dairy that holds the address and additional information of a particular person. Dairy notes which records any note for particular day. memoranda, keeps personal information.


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